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Our People


Captain Simon Petitt, Senior Naval Officer, Queen Elizabeth
Alison Adams, Finance Manager Block Build, Portsmouth
Rod Steel, Head of Aviation, Bristol
Jim McEwan, Leading Hand Electrician, Rosyth
Simon Vaughan, Mission Systems Project Manager, Frimley
Martin McColgan, Assistant Project Manager, Tyne
Cdr Kieran O'Brien RN, Head of Maritime Aviation Systems Group
Peter Craig, Mission System STOVL & SRVL Manager
Jason Kennedy, Production Engineer, Govan
Ian Hughes, Structures Manager, Birkenhead
Paul Bowsher, QEC Project Leader, Portsmouth
Alan Blakey, Shipwright Team Leader, A&P Tyne
Tamsin Millett, Mission Systems ITEA Project Manager
Craig Wilson, Assistant Project Manager, Ship 02
Aaron De Banks, Fabricator
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