04 07 2014 10 00

Life on Board

For the 679 permanent crew of the QE Class carriers, life will be exciting, challenging and busy. Whilst living conditions and recreational facilities will be amongst the best of any naval ship, this will not detract from the military business the carriers will conduct. Ranging from war-fighting through conflict resolution, conflict prevention and conventional deterrence, to influence and diplomacy, the QE Class of ships will offer true versatility to the UK government and military, able to engage around the world and ensure the UK’s interests are promoted and protected.

This flexibility will require a crew trained to the highest standards across a diverse set of disciplines. Constant training will be undertaken to sustain and refresh the skills of the crew, including the embarked aircrew.

With plenty of action life will never be dull and will be exceptionally rewarding. Deployments will be undertaken routinely, with potentially up to 9 months away not being unusual. For this the carrier crew will need to be cohesive and work as an integrated team, each member doing his or her job to ensure the whole capability is as prepared as possible to fulfil its tasking. As the Fleet’s flagships, the crew will constantly be in the public eye and expected to deliver their very best at all times, a challenge they will all rise to with the customary vigour and professionalism the Royal Navy is renowned for.

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